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Mike Kearney kearneysolutions at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 17:10:34 UTC 2016

DAI colleagues:  In the telecon today, there was a lot of talk that was
"wrapped around" project lifecycle versus data/information lifecycle.  I had
the feeling that the mapping between the two simply needed to be sketched
out.  So I started sketching it out in PPT during the telecon.  

However, by the end of the telecon, the document title had changed, which
may or may not have implied a scope change.  But anyhow, I was too far
along, so I finished my sketch.  But it may be overcome by events - not


Note that David developed his graphic for the information lifecycle stages
in section 4.1 of the draft document, but I didn't think it went far enough
to the right.  So my version goes a bit farther. to "Legacy Exploitation."
And I invented a new phase or two to better "map" to the standard project
phases and the transition to the archive.  These may be totally off-base.
Remember I'm the new guy.  


I feel like even if the later phases are beyond the scope of the document,
we should identify all phases, and then "draw a box" around the ones that
are in-scope of the document, saying "these are in scope".  For context for
the reader, if nothing else.  


So attached is my PPT sketch on the first page.  Notes:  

*         Project lifecycle phase definitions may vary from
agency-to-agency, and these may not be accurate for any agency.  Just a
starting point.

*         Data/Info lifecycle phases may well be incorrect.  I'm a beginner.

*         Below I have mapped them to David's 4.1 graphic.  

*         I believe they also encompass the phases in Terry's "Generic Data
Lifecycle" in his incomplete monograph.  If not, words can be added.  

*         I'm avoiding deciding on either Data Lifecycle or Information
Lifecycle by saying Data/Info lifecycle.  You guys can decide on which.  

*         Of course the phase titles and small text descriptors are
completely negotiable. 

*         Green is associated with the original project, blue with the
post-project curation.  But as we discussed during the telecon, some
projects may include long-term curation, in which case all boxes would be
green.  But this is more "typical".  


I have no preconceived notion as to whether this is usable or not.  It was
just intended to suggest a possible resolution to "initial" discussion in
the telecon today.  


Just for entertainment, I've added a backup slide that I produced for our
class material we're developing in the SIF.  Besides the major phases, it
lists the major reviews on the right side.  It would be even more
interesting if we were able to define what products are needed during the
standard reviews (PDR, CDR, etc.) during project development, to insure
long-term curation of data.  


So. food for discussion.  


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA


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