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Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
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We had a very productive discussion today. We believe we may have found a
reasonable scope for the Information Lifecycle and Long Term Usage document
that should lead to a more concise document. Please refer to the notes

Attendees: John Garrett, Terry Longstreth, Mike Kearney, Mark Conrad,
Robert Downs

Information Lifecycle and Long Term Usage document:

One of the first questions raised was where are we going with the scope of
the lifecycle document.

Some of the discussion centered around Terry's "incomplete monograph" that
he circulated via email during last week's meeting.

This morphed in to a conversation about data lifecycle vs project
lifecycle. They are not the same and the data lifecycle tends to last
longer than the project lifecycle.

There was general consensus that, to some extent we are getting wrapped
around the axle of "lifecycle(s)" and this was leading to a great deal of

We decided that what we really wanted to focus on was ensuring that
information was created and maintained (across all stages of the
lifecycle(s)) in such a way that it could be used over the long term. We
came up with the following PROPOSED title to reflect this:

Recommended Practices for Information Preparation to Enable Long Term Use

Rather than focus on the stages of any particular lifecycle the document
would focus on recommended practices for creating/collecting information
and adding additional information over time to keep the information
understandable and re-usable over the long term.

We would be interested in other members of the groups feedback on this

Draft ISO 19165:

Bob Downs circulated this document after last week's meeting.  The standard
draws heavily on ISO 14721. John and Mark were concerned that some of the
summarized parts of OAIS in the draft standard may not be quite right. Mark
said that he would read Annex B and provide comments. John said that if he
has time he will provide comments on parts of the document.

Comments are due by March 5th. If you have any comments, please forward
them to Bob by COB March 4th.

Vint Cerf presentation:

Vint Cerf is scheduled to make a presentation at Goddard SFC on April 4th
(see John's email message with the details). There was some discussion
around whether or not this group could try to schedule  a discussion with
him while he is in the area. Mike suggested at the very least we could
provide him with background material on this group's activities that he
could use in his talk.


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