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Dear all


First - I will not be able to take part in the telecom today. I have to
visit my daughter in hospital and help her to get home. I will send the
organisers code to Mark so he can start the call.


The notes and actions from the last telecom were:


1.       Agreed that the document we are working on should be general and
NOT EO specific. RL gave example of use of data by citizen scientists

2.       Brief use cases will help to make the scope of the document

a.       ACTION: ALL to email use cases - ideally limited to 2 paragraphs
partially DONE

b.       ACTION: DG: propose definition of "project" e.g. by adding brief
examples to definition   DONE

3.       MC points out that the archival community has terminology and
concepts that should be used - e.g. see  GARP

a.       ACTION: MC/DG and others to suggest changes   DONE

4.       Clarify the use of data vs information. DG noted we use OAIS
definitions but we do need to make the use of each term clearer

a.       ACTION: DG to propose text DONE

5.       Following John's suggestion, we should move the "Examples" to an
annex. This will make it consistent with Magenta Book 

a.       ACTION: DG: move text to annex DONE

6.       BD notes that "data" should be plural

a.       ACTION: ALL review text to correct the text  DONE

7.       Non- space agency people can join the telecons - e.g. Vatican

a.       ACTION: Rosemarie can pass their details to DG



The updated document is available at


I have tried to integrate the responses, and Don's re-drafting of the
Purpose and scope.

It was confusing to keep using the word "project" so I am suggesting we
define some terms:

Additional Information: The information which should accompany the Primary
Information to ensure that it can be preserved and exploited. This will
include Representation Information and Preservation Description Information,
as defined by OAIS.

Information Production Project : an activity planned and designed to achieve
a particular aim ranging from the creation of new data to the preservation
of existing data with a particular preservation aim.  For example a project
may involve a research about a very specific topic over a few years
involving one person, or it may be a large multi-national effort collecting
information about many topics. Another example would be the manufacture of
an airplane, where the primary goal is to create the plane but information
such as designs, budgets, and test results are also created.

Primary Information: the information created by the Information Production
Project which is of primary concern in terms of preservation and
exploitation. For example this may the information captured by a scientific
satellite or the design of an airplane. The Additional Information may
itself require preservation and may be re-used, however it is of secondary
concern and may be added to, as in the case of Provenance, or replaced, as
in the case of Representation Information when the Primary Information is


I've added some suggested Use Cases in an Annex. 


By the way, I have not had time to fix the formatting of the Annexes so they
do not show up in the Table of Contents.






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