[Moims-dai] Notes and recording of meeting 20160119

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Tue Jan 19 17:34:14 UTC 2016

The recording of today's telecon is available at




*       David Giaretta

*       Mark Conrad

*       Don Sawyer

*       Bob Downs

*       John Garrett

*       Terry Longstreth

*       Rosemarie Leone


1.       Agreed that the document we are working on should be general and
NOT EO specific. RL gave example of use of data by citizen scientists

2.       Brief use cases will help to make the scope of the document

a.       ACTION: ALL to email use cases - ideally limited to 2 paragraphs

b.       ACTION: DG: propose definition of "project" e.g. by adding brief
examples to definition

3.       MC points out that the archival community has terminology and
concepts that should be used - e.g. see  GARP

a.       ACTION: MC/DG and others to suggest changes

4.       Clarify the use of data vs information. DG noted we use OAIS
definitions but we do need to make the use of each term clearer

a.       ACTION: DG to propose text

5.       Following John's suggestion, we should move the "Examples" to an
annex. This will make it consistent with Magenta Book 

a.       ACTION: DG: move text to annex

6.       BD notes that "data" should be plural

a.       ACTION: ALL review text to correct the text

7.       Non- space agency people can join the telecons - e.g. Vatican

a.       ACTION: Rosemarie can pass their details to DG



Comments/corrections welcome.



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