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Here is the SEA feedback on this MOSSG report.  There are many issues, but to boil them down into just a few major themes, it looks like this:

1)       They ignore IOAG Cat #1 and Cat #2.  If there is a relationship it is unstated.

2)       They ignore all of the underlying CCSDS and Internet standards that provide the essential communications fabric that any applications services require.

3)       They state that this is all about interoperability, but then do not tie down most of the interfaces, application protocols, data objects, or communications layers in a way where that could be achieved.

4)       They take random pot-shots at IOAG Cat#2 and internetworking, such as stating (on pg 13): "They do not require the overall, global management of a common resource like the Solar System Internetwork in Service Catalog #2. Thus, a global Service Management Framework is not required a priori. Service management is required for MO services, however, and is supported via the Interoperability Framework. "  In fact, what they do appear to require is the "global framework that is the Interoperability Framework", but that  is not defined in any clear set of interoperable specs.  As this is worded there is no one set of "framework" specs.

5)       They do not clearly define the set of information / data objects that must appear at any set of application level interfaces.

Feel free to use this as you see fit.

Regards, Peter

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Dear all

FYI and review
I will add a point on the agenda of  the next CESG webex

If it is possible, your views are more than welcome (preferqbly prior to the 7th Sept)


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