[Sois-tcons] Re: [Sois-tcoa] Simplified TCONS Services Reference Model

Abhijit Sengupta Abhijit.Sengupta at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Mar 10 21:01:44 EST 2005

I made some changes - the diagram looks uglier, but I thought probably 
correctness precedes beauty. So let us have further discussions. The 
rationales are as follows:
1. I am almost convinced from the discussion so far, that while using space 
link, using TCONS is a not a good idea - moreover when SCPS-TP exists, what 
is the defense of a new transport protocol.
2. So after that comes the SCPS-NP as a natural service provider to SCPS-TP.
3. OBL abstraction service or adaptation layer need not be concerned with 
Space Link (Rick must thank me for that)
4. The address-link translation service is used only by network service and 
interfaces with OBL abstraction service and no one else - why call it a 
separate service - it is included in network service.

And let the firing start!!!

At 3/9/2005 05:18 AM, Jane K. Marquart wrote:
>Here you go!  The following mods were made:
>1 - Consistency:  this is a SERVICES diagram only.  No protocols mixes etc.

That was a good idea.

>2 - TCONs Layers:  lists the 3 types of transport services provided.  Adds 
>clarity to what TCONS is/does/supports.
>3 - Network Layer  - now includes an Address-to-link translation service 
>-- the "official" name can be TBD but for now it describes the service 
>provided.  This is where the packet destination info is translated into 
>the outgoing link by TCONS (and vice versa on receive), providing a 
>generic service i/f to the OBL abstraction service.  See Rick's charts on 
>OBL service i/f.
>4 - Data link - instead of SNDCL, etc., this is much cleaner (and 
>clearer).  The OBL abstraction provides the "generic" or independent 
>service i/f.  Then OBL does it "dependent " thing, according to the 
>provided "link".  The  "abstraction" service i/f can be exposed to 
>non-TCONS entities.
>5 - The Physical layer is outside the SOIS domain, so while it is still 
>included in the overall diagram, it is not part of SOIS.  Rather, it is 
>"driven" by other external standards.
>Let the discussion begin..........

I agree with most of it excepting notes at the beginning.


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