[Sois-tcons] Re: [Sois-tcoa] Simplified TCONS Services Reference Model

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Mar 10 22:31:39 EST 2005

Abhijit Sengupta writes:
 > I made some changes - the diagram looks uglier, but I thought probably 
 > correctness precedes beauty. So let us have further discussions. The 
 > rationales are as follows:
 > 1. I am almost convinced from the discussion so far, that while using space 
 > link, using TCONS is a not a good idea - moreover when SCPS-TP exists, what 
 > is the defense of a new transport protocol.

TCONS is absolutely not suited to the spacelink.  Its intended for
onboard only.  Of course theres no reason why someone couldn't try to
use it for a spacelink- or for a proximity link for instance, but the
protocols aren't set up for the kinds of issues applications like that

 > 4. The address-link translation service is used only by network service and 
 > interfaces with OBL abstraction service and no one else - why call it a 
 > separate service - it is included in network service.

I think Rick is calling it a service for the purposes of TCONS- its a
service for the TCONS network layer.  Its true that its not a service
for userspace.


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