[Sois-tcons] Simplified TCONS Services Reference Model

Jane K. Marquart Jane.K.Marquart at nasa.gov
Wed Mar 9 08:18:58 EST 2005


Here you go!  The following mods were made:

1 - Consistency:  this is a SERVICES diagram only.  No protocols mixes etc.
2 - TCONs Layers:  lists the 3 types of transport services provided.  Adds 
clarity to what TCONS is/does/supports.
3 - Network Layer  - now includes an Address-to-link translation service -- 
the "official" name can be TBD but for now it describes the service 
provided.  This is where the packet destination info is translated into the 
outgoing link by TCONS (and vice versa on receive), providing a generic 
service i/f to the OBL abstraction service.  See Rick's charts on OBL 
service i/f.
4 - Data link - instead of SNDCL, etc., this is much cleaner (and 
clearer).  The OBL abstraction provides the "generic" or independent 
service i/f.  Then OBL does it "dependent " thing, according to the 
provided "link".  The  "abstraction" service i/f can be exposed to 
non-TCONS entities.
5 - The Physical layer is outside the SOIS domain, so while it is still 
included in the overall diagram, it is not part of SOIS.  Rather, it is 
"driven" by other external standards.

Let the discussion begin..........

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