[Smwg] 902x12r0_02 - Service Management Common Data Entities - Updated draft

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Please find my comments below.

Best regards,

1)      Section 1.7 -- Same comment as that for the abstract entities definition book

2)     Re reference [12] citation on pg 1-5, this is what is used in the CSS ADD: "Functional Resources for Cross Support Services. Draft Technical Note, CSSACSS_FRs-TN-0.01. N.p.: n.p., April 2013."  So presumably there is some sort of ability/precedent for referencing nonpublished work (believe it or not).

3)     Pg 3-3: Definition of "purpose" parameter: suggest revising this as the definition includes "... In the event that the status specified is 'OTHER'..."  -- There is no "status" parameter as far as I can see in here as I think this was delegated to the "downstream" books.

4)     Pg 3-15 - I found this bit to be confusing:  "In the context of the SrvMgtAbstractEvent class the usage of the following AbstractEvent parameters (as described in Ref. [8]) should be noted:.." and this followed by a table for the PIF types. The Abstract Event book does not define these-and the description column says that the values come from Ref [7] (concept book, which is technically not normative). I think just a simple list of the planning information types is needed here?  (For making a the request and identifying the type of output).

5)     Pg 3-20: noting the planning info types are identified, do we need something in here that identifies the overall list of information entities for service management - I think we may have discuss this but I do not recall any well-defined approach -- do we just register them in SANA?  In which case why would we define them here?

6)     Pg 3-22: I am curious as to what John may make of this definition of a functional resource parameter. Basically just the abstract parameter with the addition of the functional resource nickname.  This may be okay if we are just using this to identify the functional resource but I think there might be a little more discussion to be had in here...

7)     Pg A-1: the sanaregistry discussion for "originatingOrganization" appears to have been borrowed directly from the simple schedule format book -- I don't think we want to have "SchedulePublisher" as the role definition for originatingOrganization in the common data entities book. I think probably we want to state some sort of rule that this is further defined by the particular "using" recommendations.

8)    Pg A2: use of unregistered values: should we add verbiage in here that somehow is "binding" on the client or using recommendations such that we don't have to repeat this bit in each book?
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Dear all,
                 I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Service Management Common Data Entities  Book to CWE, This contains the updates in line with the discussions and agreements from Berlin.

The Service Management Common Data Entities  document can be found at the following URL.

Document:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Magenta/Service%20Management%20Common%20Data%20Entities/White%20Book/Drafts/902x12r0_02%20-%20Service%20Management%20Common%20Data%20Entities%20.doc

In addition the a consistent set of Schemas and UML Models for the following draft books;

  *   Abstract Event Definition,
  *   Service Management Common Data Entities
  *   Planning Information Formats
  *   Service Management Utilization Request Formats

can be found at the following URLs;

Schema:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Schemas/902%20Schema%2020181214.zip
UML Model:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/UML%20Model/902%20UML%20Model%2020181214.zip

Cheers for now,


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