[Smwg] 902x13r0_02 - Abstract Event Definition - Updated draft

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Please find my comments below.  In general, I think the document is in very good shape.

Best regards,

1)      Section 1.7 - Reference [1] is now a silver book and so I don't think it can do much good in terms of providing an overview of UML diagramming conventions. I suggest just simply leave it as UML version 2.4.1

2)     figure 3-1:  I could not quite get out of the diagram that the name for the event is somehow required. Certainly I can see that a time is required and there is verbiage indicating how this is done that backs up the UML diagram. It seems to me that a time without indication of what the event is about is kind of useless :-)  certainly there is a type field but this is optional and I'm not quite sure that type is the same thing as the name of the event.

3)     Annex A, A.2.2 -- given that this is going to be a general abstract definition for CCSDS I don't think we can really state that user should be a spacecraft identifier per SANA.  My suggestion is that perhaps we consider some verbiage that indicates that it is the "using" recommendations/document that identifies the particular sanaregistry to be used for "user".  Alternatively, perhaps we could consider some sort of statement to the effect that unless otherwise stated by the using document that the registry to be assumed is the SANA spacecraft registry.

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Dear all,
                 I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Abstract Event Definition Book to CWE, This contains the updates in line with the discussions and agreements from Berlin.

The Abstract Event Definition document can be found at the following URL.

Document:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Magenta/Abstract%20Event%20Definition/White%20Book/Drafts/902x13r0_02%20-%20Abstract%20Event%20Definition.doc

In addition the a consistent set of Schemas and UML Models for the following draft books;

  *   Abstract Event Definition,
  *   Service Management Common Data Entities
  *   Planning Information Formats
  *   Service Management Utilization Request Formats

can be found at the following URLs;

Schema:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Schemas/902%20Schema%2020181214.zip
UML Model:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/UML%20Model/902%20UML%20Model%2020181214.zip

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