[Smwg] SPDF - question on usage of primeServiceReqIDXRef

Eddy, Wesley M. (GRC-LCN0)[MTI SYSTEMS, INC.] wesley.m.eddy at nasa.gov
Mon Oct 1 17:13:31 UTC 2018

There is a field in the Service Package Data Format that I don't really understand.  At the very least, it appears to be incorrectly described, and it seems possible to me that it might not be needed.

In the "ScenarioDetails" that may be present as part of each ServicePkgResultDetails, there are two fields, a "scenarioID" that seems necessary and useful, and a "primeServiceReqIDXRef" that I don't understand:


Mandatory parameter.
This parameter is used to specify the scenario ID of the Service Package containing the services that will be configured to support the space link carrier(s)

Two matters of confusion I have are:

1)      The field name indicates it's a service request ID, but the description says scenario ID.  Probably this is a typo or copy/paste error?

2)      The service request ID is already available elsewhere (via serviceReqXref) in the overall ServicePackageResults that contains all of the ServicePkgResultDetails.  What is the difference between that and this request ID?  If it's not adding information, I don't think we should include it.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

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