[Smwg] readiness threshold time in ServicePkgReadinessStatus

Eddy, Wesley M. (GRC-LCN0)[MTI SYSTEMS, INC.] wesley.m.eddy at nasa.gov
Mon Oct 1 16:34:45 UTC 2018

Hi, one thing I wanted to ask the group was about the presence of the servicePackageReadyThresholdTime field in the service package.

This is currently defined as a mandatory parameter, which is the latest time at which all elements required for the execution of the SLS Service Package can be defined or redefined/modified.

Erik had a good comment that this might need to go into the management service.  Thinking about that, I have two comments:

1)      It might make sense to retain in the service package result too, because it could differ between multiple packages bundled within a result, and so it keeps the metadata on each service package close to it within the result, rather than requiring another lookup or two.  In any case, the data would be consistent with what the management service sees, so there shouldn't be any harm in having it.

2)      Marcin pointed out that in SM-2 there is an assumption to have the service packages always complete.  I was totally unaware of this.  If that's the case, then I agree with Marcin that there is no need for the structure that contains this at all.

So, I think what to do on this is pretty clear if people agree with Marcin that the service packages being conveyed are always assumed to be complete.

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