[Smwg] CSSA 902.10-TN-0.00 Concept for Extensible Service Management Servives TN - Initial draft

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Mon Oct 1 14:16:22 UTC 2018

I realize that this is just the first rough draft, but here are comments on a few things that struck me:

1.       Use of SCCS-SM ADD terminology? Should this document be using the SCCS-SM ADD terminology? E.g., "ESLT" instead of "TT&C Service Provider"?

2.       Data Entity vs. Information Entity? This tech note uses the term "Data Entity". The Extensible SCCS-SM Concept Green Book formalizes the term "Information Entity" in section 1.6.6. Are "Data Entity" and "Information Entity" the same thing, or are they somehow different? If they are the same I suggest using the same term for continuity (if you want to use the simpler "Data Entity" that's okay, but then it should also be changed in the ESCCS-SM Concept Green Book and any other books where it might appear).

3.       Section 2.3.3, Request Expiry: This section seems to be mostly influenced by service (package) requests, where there is a time-limited lifecycle. It's not so clear how this applies to something like a service agreement, which after it is accepted may persist operationally for years. What constitutes the expiration of such a "request" - the acceptance or rejection of the "request" to add/delete/modify the service agreement, or the service agreement itself? Or are there 2 expiration/archiving activities: one for the "request" and one for the resulting Data/Info Entity?

Best regards,

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Dear all,
                I've just uploaded the first draft of the TN on Concept for service management services. This is the result of the brainstorming session betwwen Holger, Anthony and myself and should be very much considered a work in progress.

The TN can be found at the following URL.

Document:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Tech%20Note%20Development/Service%20Management%20Services%20Concepts/CSSA%20902.10-TN-0.00%20Concept%20for%20Extensible%20Service%20Management%20Services%20-%20Technical%20Note.doc

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