[Smwg] First errata for the SFF book? (RE: SSF is Blue!)

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I think your approach for now with regard to the TDM segment generation in the functional resource model is fine. The issue of the service definitions that are in the SSF has come up before and I think there is indeed further follow-up work that is required. I think that for services related to tracking the spacecraft we probably would do well to defer to the definitions coming from the navigation working group as clearly they have a vested interest/expertise in this. I propose to begin maintenance of some sort of spreadsheet or other vehicle to start recording the issues that need to be addressed and I think we might do well to include a standing item at least for each face-to-face meeting that has to do with the maintenance of the service management standards as they get published. Clearly we also have work to do in updating the concept book and so that would be another set of issues in this spreadsheet. Thanks for bringing this forward.

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Subject: First errata for the SFF book? (RE: [Smwg] SSF is Blue!)

Okay, the SSF book has been Blue for a couple of weeks now - time to start compiling a list of possible errata :).

In the process of collecting/defining the configuration information for the TDM Segment Generation functional resource (the primary production resource for TD-CSTS), I discovered that the Tracking Data Message Blue Book  (which defines the contents of the TDM atomic segments that the TDM Segment Generation FR produces) specifies four normative types of angles:

-          AZEL

-          RADEC (right ascension, declination)

-          XEYN (X-east, Y-north)

-          XSYE (X-south, Y-east)

In the SSF we have two "Antenna Pointing Angles" service types:

-          APA-AZ/EL

-          APA-X/Y

AZEL is obviously by the APA AZ/EL "service", and one could make the case that whether APA-X/Y refers to XEYN or XSYE is defined and fixed by the Service Agreement. But what about RADEC? Should that (eventually) be added to the list of SSF service types: APA-RADEC?

At least for now I'm going to include the 4 TDM flavors in the specification of the TDM Segment Generation FR, which will then also be part of the Configuration Profiles. If all 4 remain there will may have to be some adjustment to the SSF down the road.

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