[Smwg] First errata for the SFF book? (RE: SSF is Blue!)

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Fri Jul 6 18:24:58 UTC 2018

Okay, the SSF book has been Blue for a couple of weeks now - time to start compiling a list of possible errata :).

In the process of collecting/defining the configuration information for the TDM Segment Generation functional resource (the primary production resource for TD-CSTS), I discovered that the Tracking Data Message Blue Book  (which defines the contents of the TDM atomic segments that the TDM Segment Generation FR produces) specifies four normative types of angles:

-          AZEL

-          RADEC (right ascension, declination)

-          XEYN (X-east, Y-north)

-          XSYE (X-south, Y-east)

In the SSF we have two "Antenna Pointing Angles" service types:

-          APA-AZ/EL

-          APA-X/Y

AZEL is obviously by the APA AZ/EL "service", and one could make the case that whether APA-X/Y refers to XEYN or XSYE is defined and fixed by the Service Agreement. But what about RADEC? Should that (eventually) be added to the list of SSF service types: APA-RADEC?

At least for now I'm going to include the 4 TDM flavors in the specification of the TDM Segment Generation FR, which will then also be part of the Configuration Profiles. If all 4 remain there will may have to be some adjustment to the SSF down the road.

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