[Smwg] Re: Simple Schedule Recommendation - Draft Red 1.12.

Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Jul 28 00:53:13 UTC 2015


Thanks very much for the update.   Unfortunately I think  it's not really a separate registry that we want to create but rather the Sites and Apertures registry that we want to create as a minimal intial version of that registry (which will be with further CCSDS registry management policy development). Below is a diagram that is the preliminary definition of the apertures and sites registry as envisioned in the updated registries policy book.  The intention is to define just enough of this for the purposes of SOS book publication, but to not add to the registry "proliferation" problem. To that end, I think the updates needed are a little bit different than what was written up for the Aperture reference.

Attached, please find a proposed SANA registries consideration section update.  There are some consequences to taking the approach in the attached document. While we were working to "flatten" the antenna references, the SANA registry revision effort was moving to accommodate our sites versus apertures concept!  Accordingly this means we actually get to go back to what versions of the book circa mid-May look like (for this item). So it means we get to put back in what was taken out - with the exception of going back to the "antennaRef" vs "apertureRef" - so not a complete wasted effort.  That does mean that the class diagram needs another small tweak and of a minor table update and of course a minor schema change. I think that ultimately this will also accommodate better the CSTS registry needs.  My apologies for the extra effort.

I think if we are okay with the suggested revision (see attached) then we can finally move on to request for CESG poll.

Best regards,


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Dear all,

                  I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Simple Schedule Red Book, this takes into account the change needed to the appertureRef Registry section (E2.4) to reflect that a "Temporary"  SCCS-SM appertureRef registry needs to be created (to later be replaced by the CCSDS Communications Assets registry when that is finalised) and updates section

E2.5 with Erik's suggested test.

I think (hope) that that's all and that Erik can forward it to CESG.

The document can be found at the following URL.



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