[Smwg] Service Management - Standard Header.

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Will do.
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On 11/18/14 11:31 AM, "Barkley, Erik J (3970)"
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>I will take a better look at this (multi-tasking at CESG meeting), but my
>quick comments are:
>1) There may not be an end time?   For example,  would it make sense to
>have an end time for configuration profile?
>2) Status sounds/looks good but maybe we want to run through all the
>information entities methodically to see if there is some other status
>needed?   Conversely maybe there are some restrictions...e.g, not sure
>that provisional accountability data makes the most sense (why publish
>the data if you don' mean it) -- so that might actually be "corrected"
>status (if a mistake was made in the output).
>With regard to srvMessageType, it seems reasonable to register that as an
>overall extensibility consideration  with the first 19 types (info
>entities in green book) as the first set.  But lets start tracking the
>various registry types we have?
>Perhaps that can be added to the inter-recommendation tracking
>Best regards,
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>Dear all,
>                 please find attached the first pass at the Service
>Management Standard Header for your comments. In defining this I've found
>myself with a couple of points;
>   Do we want to have a SANA registry holding the values permitted for
>   the"srvMgtMessageType", or is it better just to define the required
>   where the messages are defined (NOTE I'm using message in the widest
>   here such that it can be taken to encompass files). ?
>   Do we just want one generalised description of the Standard Header
>   somewhere or do we want to tailor the description for each message ?
>Cheers for now,
>(See attached file: SM Standard Header i0r0DraftA.doc)
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