[Smwg] Service Management - Standard Header.

Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
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I will take a better look at this (multi-tasking at CESG meeting), but my quick comments are:

1) There may not be an end time?   For example,  would it make sense to have an end time for configuration profile?
2) Status sounds/looks good but maybe we want to run through all the information entities methodically to see if there is some other status needed?   Conversely maybe there are some restrictions...e.g, not sure that provisional accountability data makes the most sense (why publish the data if you don' mean it) -- so that might actually be "corrected" status (if a mistake was made in the output). 

With regard to srvMessageType, it seems reasonable to register that as an overall extensibility consideration  with the first 19 types (info entities in green book) as the first set.  But lets start tracking the various registry types we have?  


Perhaps that can be added to the inter-recommendation tracking spreadsheet.

Best regards,


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Dear all,
                 please find attached the first pass at the Service Management Standard Header for your comments. In defining this I've found myself with a couple of points;

   Do we want to have a SANA registry holding the values permitted for
   the"srvMgtMessageType", or is it better just to define the required values
   where the messages are defined (NOTE I'm using message in the widest sense
   here such that it can be taken to encompass files). ?
   Do we just want one generalised description of the Standard Header
   somewhere or do we want to tailor the description for each message ?

Cheers for now,


(See attached file: SM Standard Header i0r0DraftA.doc)


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