Capability to transfer data either in an asynchronous, synchronous, or periodic fashion: [Sls-slp] Review Copy of USLP Draft White Book for Cleveland Meeting placed on CWE - Please use this version

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Wed Mar 23 07:32:51 UTC 2016

        I would like to refer to the change in the snapshot.

Section 2.2 describes  the  data transfer services that the USLP Space 
Data Link Protocol provides to users.
In this sense the data are not frames (generated by the protocol sublayer 
towards the coding sublayer, at sending end) but are the data (packets, 
etc received .by the protocol sublayer from the upper layer). In fact 
those services are summarised in Table 2-1.

Therefore the reference to frame and codeblock alignment is not 
appropriate there.
In other words if a users decide to use the Virtual Channel Octet Stream 
Service generating data in Asynchronous [Periodic] mode, that service will 
remain Asynchronous [Periodic] independently from frame and codeblock 

In general I think USLP has no need to mention frame and codeblock 
alignment  anywhere in this document.

Best regards and Happy Easter/Happy Purim to everybody.

Gian Paolo

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Subject:        [Sls-slp] Review Copy of USLP Draft White Book for 
Cleveland Meeting placed on CWE - Please use this version
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Dear SLP WG,

I?ve placed the final review copy for the CCSDS Spring 2016 meeting that 
we will use in Cleveland now on the CWE.
The filename is: USLP Space Data Link Protocol_March21_post_telecon4

The recent changes made from the last version (with the exception of a few 
clean up comments) can be found in the file called: review of 
USLP_rationale for_changes_March21_copy

The URL is:

No more changes will be made to this document until we meet in Cleveland 
on April 4 and 5. 

I wish you all a very safe journey and Happy Easter/Happy Purim !
Greg Kazz
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