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Kazz, Greg J (313B) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Aug 20 15:06:05 UTC 2009

SIS-IPO and SLS-SLP WG members,

Please read below.
This was the only impediment I am aware of in depreciating IPV4 from IP over CCSDS, Space Link Identifiers, and Encapsulation Service.



From: Cosby Matthew [mailto:MCOSBY at qinetiq.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 6:17 AM
To: Kazz, Greg J (313B); Hooke, Adrian J (9000); Israel, David J. (GSFC-4500)
Cc: Gannett; Shames, Peter M (3130); Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01)
Subject: RE: Pink Sheet Testing Status


SSTL have informed me that they are not inserting IPv4 directly into any CCSDS Link Layer Frame.  So removing this from the IP-Over-CCSDS Document is not going to cause them any problems for their equipment.



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From: Kazz, Greg J (313B) [mailto:greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov]
Sent: 14 August 2009 19:01
To: Hooke, Adrian J (9000); Israel, David J. (GSFC-4500); Cosby Matthew
Cc: Gannett; Shames, Peter M (3130); Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01)
Subject: RE: Pink Sheet Testing Status

IP over CCSDS WG is awaiting word from Matt Cosby whether or not any vendors in UK (in particular Surrey Satellite Technology LTD) would have heartburn with deprecating IPV4. They are potentially the only show stopper. A version of the document has been updated to reflect the expunging of IPV4 from the document.

Matt - do you have an update?



From: Hooke, Adrian J (9000)
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 10:25 AM
To: Israel, David J. (GSFC-4500)
Cc: Kazz, Greg J (313B); Gannett; Hooke, Adrian J (9000); Shames, Peter M (3130); Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01)
Subject: RE: Pink Sheet Testing Status

Dave: any update? We need to move this along as fast as we can so that we can get the Encap and S/C Identifiers Pink Sheets put back into the CESG/CMC polling process for final approval. Then we can blame Euro vacations for delays. I am assuming that the testing hasn't caused any more technical changes?

Greg: what is holding up the IP/CCSDS Magenta Book?


From: Israel, David J. (GSFC-4500) [mailto:david.j.israel at nasa.gov]
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 5:59 PM
To: Hooke, Adrian J (9000)
Subject: Pink Sheet Testing Status


I've been told that the testing for the IP over CCSDS related pink sheets is complete.  I'm pushing the group to put out drafts of the yellow books in time for a telecon on Thursday, so they can be sent off to Tom G. by the end of this week.

Besides the completion of the testing, I think the content of the books will be much improved.  Requirements have been derived from the pink sheets, so that all tests and results can be mapped back to the documents.  I'll forward the drafts to you when I get them.

I was on the phone through the whole PSR today, but somebody started a spontaneous meeting in my new bldg 12 office during your DTN presentation.  I hope you weren't looking for any comments from me during that time.


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