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Subject: ACTION - Abstracts Due August 21: SpaceOps 2010 Conference in Huntsville, Alabama - 25-30 April, 2010
Importance: High

NASA Reps,

The SpaceOps 2010 conference will be held in Huntsville, Alabama, USA -- 25-30 April, 2010.  It is hosted by NASA Marshall space flight Center, and organized by AIAA.  Please forward the message below to any organizations that perform or in any way contribute to space operations.

The important message is:  Abstracts are due August 21, 2009.

SpaceOps conferences in the past have always covered a broad extensive scope of spaceflight operations topics (Mission Execution, Mission Management, Data Systems, etc.).  This year, we are adding even more.  This is the first year SpaceOps has established dedicated tracks for Commercial Space Operations and for Launch Operations.  So we want to spread the word not only to the organizations that have previously benefited from SpaceOps, but also to these new communities.

The complete track list for the conference is:

*         Mission Design and Mission Management

*         Mission Execution: Plan, Train, and Fly

*         Data and Communications Systems and Facilities Supporting Operations

*         Cross Support, Interoperability, Standards

*         Launch Operations

*         Commercial Space Operations
A more detailed breakdown of these tracks is available from the Call for Papers at the link at the bottom of this message.

For each of these tracks we welcome papers addressing:
Human and Robotic Missions
Earth Observation Missions - Meteorological, Environmental, Urban Mapping, etc.
Earth Orbital - Communications, Space Science, Space Stations, LEO to GEO
Space Operations Support to Search & Recovery, Urban Disasters
Constellations of Satellites and Multi-Mission Sensor Webs
Cislunar, Lagrangian, Sun-Synchronous, and Asteroid/Comet Missions
Exploration Missions to the Moon and Mars
All Solar System and Extrasolar Exploration Missions
Science Mission Operations (but not science results or scientific treatises)
Ground and Flight Systems as They Affect Operability and Operations (but not strictly focused on vehicle design)
Remote Operations, Distributed Teams, Telescience
Launching from Land, Sea, and Air
Space Operations Based Anywhere in the World (or Beyond)
Risk Management, Reliability, Availability
Unclassified Military Space Operations
Lessons Learned, Current Status, and Future Directions
Academic Institutions Conducting Space Operations

This list is "including but not limited to".  If you have a topic that is clearly a space operations topic that will benefit other operations teams, please submit an abstract even if it is not clearly in the tracks or topic areas above.

TIP:  If potential authors would like to see some examples of papers from previous SpaceOps conferences, they are available at:
This is a valuable resource for many operations topics, as well as examples of SpaceOps paper material

Attendance:  The conference is organized by the space agencies of the following nations:
Italy (ASI)
Canada (CSA)
France (CNES)
Germany (DLR)
Europe (EUMETSAT and ESA)
India (ISRO)
Brazil (INPE)
Japan (JAXA)

So there will be major attendance from these agencies and their industries, as well as attendance from many other nations (China, Korea, Russia, etc.)

TIP:  If your management requires export control approval before you can submit an abstract, please factor in the delay time so you can submit your abstract on schedule by 21 August.

TIP:  if you need a Letter of Invitation for your visa application, and if your nation has long delays for visa approvals, you can request one now and receive it just minutes by going to www.SpaceOps2010.org<http://www.SpaceOps2010.org>, and clicking on "Notice on Visas".

Thanks for helping spread the word on this important and rewarding conference.

SpaceOps 2010 -- Delivering on the Dream.
25-30 April 2010.
Abstracts due 21 August, 2009

The conference --  Spaceflight Operations is where the mission team really delivers on the dream, and that is the focus of the SpaceOps 2010 conference. This is your chance to exchange operations ideas, innovations, and experiences with other professionals, to benefit your program and your career.

What?  -- Bring the best ideas, the brightest teams, the most creative innovations and the most insightful experiences to be presented to the broadest community of space operations professionals.

Who?  -- Space Operations professionals and innovators from around the globe will be bringing their accomplishments, plans and innovations to share with their peers.

Why?  -- You can advance your mission, your organization and your own expertise only if you stay connected with the Space Operations community.

Where?  -- The Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Home to your host, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

How?  -- To fully participate, go to www.SpaceOps2010.org<http://www.SpaceOps2010.org> and click on "submit a paper". To simply attend, stay tuned to www.SpaceOps2010.org<http://www.SpaceOps2010.org> for registration details as they become available. Also, you can sign up for the SpaceOps update by clicking here<http://www.aiaa.org/OptIn/popup.cfm?lumeetingID=2129>, and you will be notified when registration is open.

Technical Program -- For 2010, we are introducing Launch Operations and Commercial Space Operations to our already successful track disciplines, in keeping with the theme Delivering on the Dream.

*         Mission Design and Mission Management

*         Mission Execution: Plan, Train, and Fly

*         Data and Communications Systems and Facilities Supporting Operations

*         Cross Support, Interoperability, Standards

*         Launch Operations

*         Commercial Space Operations
A more extensive breakout of the six tracks is listed in the call for papers:

[cid:image001.gif at 01CA19C1.A4ED2D30]


   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
SpaceOps 2010 Technical Program Committee Chairman

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