[Sls-slp] Table form of Prox-1 Phy Layer Data Rate Requirements

Jean-Luc.Gerner at esa.int Jean-Luc.Gerner at esa.int
Thu Mar 31 16:51:51 UTC 2005

The change may look ok at first glance but I am puzzled with the rationale.
To me, the process in the development of a blue book is, in order of
1. what do future missions need?
2. can it be achieved with state-of-the-art hardware
3. practicalities of short-term missions; if hardware not compatible, is a
waiver practicable. Last solution is to reassess the requirements in the BB
and readjust them if possible.

Your reasoning is bottom-up: the existing (maybe outdated) hardware cannot
meet the requirement, so let's change the requirement. What if this approach
hampers future programmes by forcing them to be contented with poor
performances for compatibility with outdated hardware?

I submit these thoughts for discussion in your WG.

best regards
Jean-Luc Gerner
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Attached is a file containing the Prox-1 Physical Layer Pink Sheets - Data
Rate Requirements in Tabular Form from Dennis Lee. These pink sheets
contain the same information as the previous set, however reformated into a
table so that it's easier to understand. These are the pink sheets that I
plan to discuss at our joint meeting with RF&MOD in Athens.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and cc: Dennis Lee

best regards,

Greg Kazz
Chairman Prox-1 Build-2 WG(See attached file: prox1_datarate_rqmts_pinksheets
3-21-05 DL.doc)_______________________________________________
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