[Sls-slp] Encapsulation Packet BOF

Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 24 20:19:36 UTC 2004

At 11:54 AM 3/24/2004, Greg J Kazz wrote:
>The current version of the CCSDS encapsulation packet header allows for 
>two options that are not 32-bit compatible. We are proposing a change to 
>the header in the attachment, so that the header would be 32-bit compatible.
>This change effects 3 CCSDS recommendations: 2 in the SLS area and one in 
>the SIS area (Space Packet).

Greg: this comment is completely off the top of my head, but if we are 
thinking of screwing around with the CCSDS Encapsulation header then is 
there any mileage to be gained by making it compatible with the new  "Ultra 
Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE) for transmission of IP datagrams over 
MPEG-2/DVB networks" --


What I'm thinking here is that if space Network layers had a common 
encapsulation interface that provides a standard convergence service for a 
variety of underlying space link services, we might gain a lot of future 
flexibility. IP traffic could then run over CCSDS links, or DVB links, with 
a common interface shim.

Could someone take a look at this early-on just to gauge the feasibility? 
It seems to me that Gorry Fairhurst's work is not yet cast in stone - so is 
there a way for us to get our oar in his water so that his ULE and our 
CCSDS Encapsulation protocol both converge within his Internet Draft - thus 
increasing the credibility of IP-over-CCSDS?

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