[Sls-slp] Draft Green Book on Space Data Link Protocols

Takahiro Yamada tyamada at pub.isas.ac.jp
Sat Apr 24 16:08:48 UTC 2004

Dear CCSDS Colleagues,

Attached please find a copy of the first draft of the Green Book on 
the Space Data Link Protocols (which are TM, TC and AOS Space Data 
Link Protocols).

<< About this book >>

CCSDS published separate Green Books on Telemetry, Telecommand, and 
AOS protocol suites, but I explained the Data Link Layer portion of 
all of these suites in this book. Actually, the Space Data Link 
Protocols share a lot of features (e.g., use of Virtual Channels, 
handling of Packets, etc.) and therefore I hope you will find this 
format meaningful.

The following are the major sections of this book:

Section 2: Overview,
Section 3: Services,
Section 4: Mechanisms.

Some of you may think mechanisms are more important than services and 
therefore should be explained earlier than services. Mechanisms are 
important to implementers of these protocols but services are 
important to users who select protocols as well as to implementers. 
Therefore I explained services before mechanisms and this is the order 
I used in all of my books.

<< About the file >>

Since diagrams move around when a Word document crosses an ocean, I 
only distribute a PDF file. But if you need a Word file, please let me 

<< Please review it>>

I'd appreciate it if you could review the book and give me any feedback.

Since this book is on one of the most important subjects of CCSDS, I 
also distribute it to the CESG members. I welcome any comments from 
any Area or WG.

<< Another GB >>

I edited and distributed another Green Book on the Space Packet 
Protocol (which is the Packet portion of the suites) in August of last 
year. Since I have received some feedback on it, I will revise and 
distribute it in a few days.

Best regards,
Takahiro Yamada

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