[Sls-slp] Rationale for Prox-1 Half-Duplex State Table Change

Greg J Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 20 17:00:06 UTC 2004

Dear All,

Last week I emailed to all of you draft Pink sheets on a proposed change to 
the Half-duplex state table (Table 6-10, Session Establishment and Data 
Services)  in the current Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol - Data Link Layer 
Blue Book. However, I forgot to provide you the rationale for this change.

Event 39 enables the token to be passed to the partnered transceiver, 
enabling it to transmit. One can reach Event 39 by two paths. Either the 
send_duration timer has expired, meaning it's time to give up the token, 
i.e., the "right to transmit" or the transceiver has (either completely for 
the pass or temporarily) run of data to transmit before the timer has 
expired. In either case, the test for X=2 is  unnecessary in order to 
transition from State 50 to State 56.


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