[Sls-rfm] Fw: SRRC filtering of OQPSK - proposed editorial changes to CCSDS 413.0-G-3

Enrico.Vassallo at esa.int Enrico.Vassallo at esa.int
Fri Feb 8 13:56:01 UTC 2019

Dear Tom,

I have not received any negative comments to my proposal. As such, I would 
like to ask you via the AD to find the easiest and quickest way to publish 
such small editorial improvement (in red below for convenience).

Best Regards, Enrico

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From:   Enrico Vassallo/esoc/ESA
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Cc:     Thomas Gannett <thomas.gannett at tgannett.net>
Date:   31/01/2019 09:51
Subject:        SRRC filtering of OQPSK - proposed editorial changes to 
CCSDS 413.0-G-3

Dear All,

I was recently approached by European industry on the correctness of 
figures 3-25 and 3-26 in the green book on bandwidth efficient modulation. 
The industry was confused about the use of symbol rate and suggested it 
should be the channel symbol rate instead. After an exchange with the NASA 
authors of the relevant section "Baseband Filtered OQPSK with 
a Square Root Raised Cosine Filter", it was determined that there was 
nothing wrong with the two figures. Simulations were done again and 
returned the same plots.
However, we agreed that some additional explanations would help readers in 
understanding this section better and avoiding confusion in future.

The proposed revision marks in the attachment are the agreed ESA/NASA 
additions. Note that we consider them just editorial improvements.

If I do not receive any negative comments from you by February 7, I will 
assume RFM WG concurrence and submit the attachment to the CCSDS Editor 
via the SLS Area Director.

Best Regards, Enrico

P.S. Please note that since I just pasted the whole section (and the 
previous one) of the green book into a blank document, you will get a 
number of missing references when printing the two pages. Just look at 
them on the screen or disable the reference updating function when 

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