[Sea-sa] SEA SAWG Meeting Schedule, 9-11 Nov 2020

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 22 23:31:04 UTC 2020

Dear SEA SAWG members,

The votes are in and it appears that the dates of 9, 10, and 11 Nov are the best for the most participants.  In order to align with availability of key staff for different topics I propose the following agendas & dates:

Meeting 1, Monday, 9 Nov 2020
·         Agenda review
·         ASL status update (assuming there is a change in state)
·         Review of core RASDS revisions, including ASL and MBSE extensions

Meeting 2, Tuesday 10 Nov 2020
·         Review of SC14 related RASDS revisions, including new viewpoints
·         Discussion of integration and (joint or parallel) publication process
·         Rough work plan for RASDS revisions
·         Brief discussion of SANA / Terminology issues

Meeting 3,  Wednesday 11 Nov 2020
·         Review of SCCS-ARD/ADD revisions
·         Coordination between SCCS-ARD/ADD and RASDS revisions
·         Rough work plan for SCCS-ARD/ADD revisions
·         Closing discussions

The meeting times will be 0600 - 0800 AM Pacific Standard Time or 1400 - 1600 UTC.   This will be (I believe) at the following times in these other time zones:

East Coast US: 0900 – 1100
UK: 1400 – 1600
Europe: 1500 – 1700
China: 2200 - 0000

If you have other agenda items or suggested changes please provide them as soon as possible.

NB – Several of the newly identified members may not yet be on the SEA-SA mailing list.  Please go to the Mailman.ccsds.org website and sign up: https://mailman.ccsds.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/sea-sa  I wish to use the mailing list, sea-sa at mailman.ccsds.org<mailto:sea-sa at mailman.ccsds.org>, for all email coordination and communications.

Best regards, Peter


Peter Shames
CCSDS Systems Engineering Area Director

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 301-490
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91109 USA

Telephone: +1 818 354-5740,  Fax: +1 818 393-6871

Internet:  Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov

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