[Sea-sa] Folder with all ASL GB review issue files

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon May 4 20:10:53 UTC 2020

Dear SEA SAWG team,

I have just downloaded all of the review inputs received from the various sources into a new ASL ADD Review Inputs folder (see below).  Some of these are "official" in that they arrived from the CESG members during the CESG review.   Others could be considered "un-official" but they come from reliable, relevant, and knowledgeable sources such as WG chairs (SM&C and Nav) or various agency experts.  I am of a mind to treat them all as valuable inputs and to give them all due consideration.  That said, the CESG ones should be given more weight.

As stated before I will deal with any of those relating to the security sections and to any that fall into the "global" or broad-reaching categories.  I will transpose all of these that I plan to deal with into a copy of the spreadsheet I sent out.

Thanks, Peter


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