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Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Dec 7 21:53:49 UTC 2020

Dear SAWG,

During today’s SAWG / SCCS-ARD subgroup discussion we wandered into “what are we doing to RASDS that will affect the SCCS-ARD” territory.  There was also a question about the extent to which our RASDS methodology actually captures the syntax and semantics of systems architecture elements.  This was, as I understood, it motivated by the impressions that modern UML/SysML tools would offer improved support out of the box.

I spent some time providing background on this, including digging out some of the background materials that we had used in developing RASDS and also updates to these.  I believe that the RASDS methodology, and the syntax and semantics of the modeled objects remains the same regardless of whether PPT or SysML is used.  What changes is the presentation style and kinds of support you can get from the tooling, which does not ”come for free” in the tools.  To support this point of view I also brought in some of my own experiences in using these SysML tools, and some papers I and others have written about them.  These should provide of interest particularly when we deal with revisions to the RASDS annex on modeling, but the background may be of interest to others in the SCCS-ARD subgroup too, for background.

If you are interested, please go look here:


Furthermore, if any of you have other materials you wish to contribute to this UML/SysML and modeling discussion please feel free to contribute and signal to the rest of us that you have done so. For instance, I believe that there are related UML/SysML modeling materials in some CSS and MOIMS documents that may be of value.  Please upload anything you think is germane.

Best regards, Peter

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