[Sea-sa] SCCS-ARD Revision Meeting notes - 7 Dec 2020

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Dec 7 18:40:37 UTC 2020

SCCS-ARD revision working meeting

SCCS-ARD Revision Meeting Notes, 7 Dec 2020

Attendees: Peter Shames, John Pietras, Ramon Krosley, Ricard Abello, Felix Flentge, Yonghui Huang, Guenther Sessler

  *   Reviewed the SCCS-ARD Update Plan (see file), including overview of the proposed work and process
  *   Reviewed new / future standards list and coverage, need for other Areas to contribute
  *   Add handling for FRM, SOIS WIR, etc to the list of covered standards.
  *   Confirm that the SCCS-ARD covers the distributed functions, services and protocols, but not the internal configuration of nodes.  Internal communications are not covered, that is ASL.
  *   Agree to adopt the revised RASDS representations for functions, service provider interfaces, and service interface binding signature.
  *   Agree to use logical data flow representation, where needed, but to defer any use of the “document status embellishments on pg 11 until/unless we find that they are needed, later in the process.
  *   Agree to use the revised Information viewpoint representation (pg 12) wherever that might be needed, with the understanding that there is not an Information Viewpoint in these documents.
  *   Agreed to add a version of the diagram on pg 13 to document what is meant by the interface binding signature and the peer-to-peer (PDU) and provided / required interface stack (SDU) exchanges, for the record.
  *   Agreed to adopt a simplified version of the Service Table on pg 16 that captures the most relevant overview details of the Services without going into all the gory, and repetitive, details of the SLE and CSTS service interfaces.  These documents exist as Blue Books, we need only to reference them, not to restate them.  This was not the case with a lot of the ASL ADD references.
  *   Need to find a place, probably in Communications view, to add a subsection on the FRM and how it relates to the deployed nodes, protocol layers, and ultimately, implemented components.  This came up in the context of discussing pg 16 as well.
  *   Question about tooling from Felix, are we just drawing using PPT or is there a methodology?  Where is the syntax and semantics defined?
     *   Reviewed the ISO 42010 architecture description methodology adopted in RASDS and the viewpoint sources that RASDS adopted from RM-ODP
     *   Described the details of the RASDS methodology and the need in MBSE tooling to define profiles in order to actually have a “SA modeling language", syntax and semantics, to describe systems architectures.
     *   Described the issues with MBSE tools, and also the benefits.  Agreed that we will stick with PPT representations in this document.
     *   Ramon brought up the addition of an MBSE representation annex to the RASDS update.
  *   Started to address some of John’s concerns about clarity and precision vis-a-vis CSSS, CSSE, ESLT.  Asked him to avoid glorious, but utterly confusing, precise details where more generalized terms such as ESLT will best suit this end-to-end architectural treatment.
  *   Asked the other participants to review John’s proposed changes to the tables of CSSS and CSSE used in Sec 2 and the methods used in Sec 4, 5, 6 and see if that flow of details is acceptable.
  *   Agree to simplify the complexities introduced by lots of new protocols (especially USLP, coding, optical) and the new C&S specs, by referencing other viewpoints for details (correspondence).  We think that this simplifies and clarifies at the same time.
  *   Agree to add some clear terminology and guidance re “recommended” standards as opposed to all the possible “available” or “legal” ones and all of their possible combinations.
The files for review, and any added / background materials, will be placed in the CWE at: https://cwe.ccsds.org/sea/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2Fsea%2Fdocs%2FSEA%2DSA%2FDraft%20Documents%2FSCCS%2DARD%2DADD%20Revisions%202020&FolderCTID=0x012000F83FD93BEFF45E4FB5D1769B01CA762F&View=%7BA709F322%2D0E67%2D45C7%2D932D%2DCB78C55CE268%7D

Action Items:

=> next telecon: finish John’s overview materials from today, look at simple examples for how the revised sec 4, 5, and 6 will trace one to another, then start doc update review
=> John to send out updated revised document materials for review
=> Peter to post MBSE papers and Powerpoint and background materials on RASDS, RM-ODP, and ISO 42010.

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