[Moims-sc] Agenda for virtual Spring Technical Meetings of SM&C WG and MoM of WG Telecon 26.04.2022

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Dear all,

Please find attached the draft Agenda for our virtual Spring Technical Meetings.

MoM of the SM&C WG Telecon:

  *   Agenda for Spring Technical Meetings
  *   Way forward for Data Product Distribution Service and Packet Distribution Service
  *   MAL BB update

Agenda for Spring Technical Meetings
The draft agenda for the virtual Spring Technical Meetings was reviewed and updated. The SM&C WG will meet virtually in 5 sessions which are spread over two weeks on the following dates: 10, 13, 17, 18 and 20 May.
The meetings will be hold virtually in MS Teams. Each session will be 16:00-18:00 CET. The updated agenda is attached to this MoM.

The agenda of the SM&C WG has been coordinated with the agenda of the MP&S WG, to avoid overlaps and allow members of the SM&C WG, who are also members of the MP&S WG to attend both WG meetings.

Way forward for Data Product Distribution Service and Packet Distribution Service
A short discussion was hold on the strategy of the WG towards outstanding work. It is acknowledged by WG members that the work under the umbrella of MO 2.0 requires significant effort and update of all published books of the WG.
With the current level of resources and taking into account the availability of the key WG contributors, it is likely that the full update of all books will take many years.
The main motivation behind the MO 2.0 has been a simplification of the standards of the WG with an ultimate objective of increasing their acceptance, hence increasing adoption of the respective standards by missions.
With the focus on the MO 2.0 discussions and particularly the update of the MAL BB, the WG has stopped since two years the work on the Mission Data Product Distribution Service and the Packet Distribution Service.
Increasing mission adoption of our standards remains our main motivation. The WG believes however that we should resume the work on the two mentioned services in parallel to the MO 2.0 updates to existing books.
It was noted that the skills and profile of different WG members will allow distributing the work and progressing in parallel rather than doing a serialized work of updating first all existing books (i.e. the MAL BB, then the bindings, then the SM&C services BB, the Common Services BB as well as the GB and the Reference Model MB).
The GB and the Reference Model MB are conceived not to be of highest priority. However they play an essential role as the “entry point to MO” for new commers and a vehicle in communication towards externals.
It was also pointed out that the MP&S services are specified as MO Services. It is likely that their adoption by missions will also contribute significantly to removing some of the misconceptions about MO, hence increasing the adoption of SM&C WG standards by missions in a later stage.

Decision: PC and RT will take the lead and resume the work on the MDPDS and the Packet Distribution service. Two slots have been reserved for these services in the Spring Technical Meetings. A splinter meeting shall be organized with SC to catch up with the work that was done on these services so far. The approach taken for MP&S data model and tabular description of the envisaged service capabilities shall be applied here.

MAL BB update
All RIDs raised by WG members on the updated MAL BB have been processed and the booked updated accordingly. The only open issue has been the modeling of MO Objects and their identity.
The point had been discussed in detail via email exchange and splinter discussions. A proposal was sent to the splinter WG members for voting. During the Telecon of 26.04. the topic was revisited again and a conclusion has been reached, which is captured below.
With this conclusion, the WG has confirmed the intention to ask the AD during its first session on 10 May to. Initiate the Agency Review of the MAL BB.

  1.  The concept of an MO Object will be introduced as a distinct entity existing within the service provider/consumer, that comprises an ObjectIdentity and a set of information specific to the class of MO Object.   The content of an MO Object may also be represented as a data structure that can be transferred in service messages.  To support this, a new entity MAL::Object will be defined that is derived from MAL::Composite.
  2.  When specifying an MO Object class in an MO Service specification, this uses the same format of data structure table as a MAL::Composite but extends MAL::Object rather than MAL::Composite.
  3.  The first field of an MO Object data structure must be of type MAL::ObjectIdentity.  Although all MAL::Objects must include this, it is not an inherited attribute but must be explicitly defined in the Object’s data structure.
  4.  The name of the ObjectIdentity attribute is flexible and specified in the Object’s data structure – it may be customised to suit the role of the identity within the context of the service Object model.
  5.  When specifying an ObjectRef within a data structure, the referenced Object must be of a type derived from MAL::Object.  This may either be restricted to a specified concrete type derived from MAL::Object, or open to any MAL::Object type.  If the reference is not typed, then the type should be specified as MAL::Object (or may simply be omitted).

With respect to the previous email correspondence, this corresponds to option 2.b.i.

For the MPS BB the following will need to be updated to ensure compliance:

  1.  The data structure tables for each of the 10 classes of MO Object will need to be updated to extend MAL::Object rather than MAL::Composite.  This should not impact the EA Information Model, UML diagrams of Objects, or the XSD File Structures.
  2.  Section 3.4 which summarises the MO Object model will need to be updated to be consistent with the MAL.


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