[Moims-sc] Conclusion on MAL Object representation in MAL BB and usage in client MO Services

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Tue Apr 26 14:46:51 UTC 2022

Hi All,
Based on the discussion and conclusions today, the MAL BB will be updated to
present MO Objects as follows:
1.	The concept of an MO Object will be introduced as a distinct entity
existing within the service provider/consumer, that comprises an
ObjectIdentity and a set of information specific to the class of MO Object.
The content of an MO Object may also be represented as a data structure that
can be transferred in service messages.  To support this, a new entity
MAL::Object will be defined that is derived from MAL::Composite.  
2.	When specifying an MO Object class in an MO Service specification,
this uses the same format of data structure table as a MAL::Composite but
extends MAL::Object rather than MAL::Composite.
3.	The first field of an MO Object data structure must be of type
MAL::ObjectIdentity.  Although all MAL::Objects must include this, it is not
an inherited attribute but must be explicitly defined in the Object's data
4.	The name of the ObjectIdentity attribute is flexible and specified
in the Object's data structure - it may be customised to suit the role of
the identity within the context of the service Object model.
5.	When specifying an ObjectRef within a data structure, the referenced
Object must be of a type derived from MAL::Object.  This may either be
restricted to a specified concrete type derived from MAL::Object, or open to
any MAL::Object type.  If the reference is not typed, then the type should
be specified as MAL::Object (or may simply be omitted).
With respect to the previous email correspondence, this corresponds to
option 2.b.i.
For the MPS BB the following will need to be updated to ensure compliance:
1.	The data structure tables for each of the 10 classes of MO Object
will need to be updated to extend MAL::Object rather than MAL::Composite.
This should not impact the EA Information Model, UML diagrams of Objects, or
the XSD File Structures.
2.	Section 3.4 which summarises the MO Object model will need to be
updated to be consistent with the MAL.
Best regards,
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