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from P. Shames


Shames Peter

APPROVE WITH CONDITIONS (state conditions that must be satisfied)


This document is vastly improved beyond the original and does a credible 
job of providing a rather complete binding from the MAL abstract data 
types and message formats to a concrete set of data types and SPP 
compliant message formats. 

There are, however, still a few loose ends that need to be tied down in 
order to ensure interoperability. They are flagged in the document and 
listed here: 

1) The "mapping configuration parameter" set (Sec 2.4.2 & Annex B) is a 
major element in interoperability, but it is listed as a "managed 
parameter" handled by some unspecified out of band agreement. Absent a way 
to acquire this key document interoperability is impossible. 

2) There are several issues in the text that must be corrected, such as 
stating that the APID Qualifier, an integer field, is to include a "/" 
character, the use of Packet Type" does not align with SPP defined usage, 
the handling of security / authentication. 

3) The handling of retransmission is left to "lower layers", but many 
CCSDS space link protocol deployments do not include such features. Is 
reliability, particularly of commanding, to be left to "lower layers", 
i.e. "bottom up" or is it a requirement applied by MO operations, top 

4) The test report appears to be quite thorough, but one key element 
required for interoperability, that pesky "mapping configuration 
parameter" set, is not even mentioned. Also, the details of the test 
configuration leave a lot to the imagination and it is not clear how 
anyone other than those involved in the test could insert their own MAL / 
SPP component and test it out. See notes on test report for more details.

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