[Moims-mp] MoM for the MP&S WG meeting on 23/02/2021

Peter.van.der.Plas at esa.int Peter.van.der.Plas at esa.int
Tue Feb 23 16:46:57 UTC 2021

Dear all,

Please find below the MoM of our WG meeting this afternoon:

- Roger has provided in advance of the meeting the updated MPS Blue Book 
draft C3
- Some comments were provided by CGI in advance of the meeting and 
incorporated in the BB, the XML was also updated accordingly by CGI
- Additional comments and findings from Roger were discussed during the 
- Some issues will require clarification by the SM&C group (Sam), Roger 
will follow this up
- Some additional issues were brought up by DLR (Maria) and discussed
- Roger will provide a new issue of the Blue Book C4 incorporating all 
agreed changes
- After that, Roger will continue working on the introduction sections of 
the Blue Book

- DLR raised an issue on the use of the MO Testbed for their prototype
- The Testbed is perceived complicated and the output not well structured
- DLR prefers to implement their prototype without using the MO Testbed
- DLR is still waiting for the definition of the test cases by Guillermo 
(expected the end of this month)
- It is proposed that a splinter is organised between DLR, ESOC and ESAC, 
to agree on the way forward with the prototyping

- The next meeting date has been tentatively set to Monday 15 March at 
15:00 - 17:00
- Alternatively, the meeting could be held Tuesday 23 March at 15:00 - 

Please let me know if you have any comments on the MoM.

Best regards,


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