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Sun May 10 07:36:57 UTC 2020

Hi all,


With only 4 days over a weekend to provide feed this, I don't think any of
us provided any feedback.

Although past the due date for comments, I understand that they are still
working on responding to comments they received.


I think DAI should provide some feedback on this to clean up several
problems I see.

I know we can't review the whole thing, but there are just a couple of pages
that deal specifically with DAI and OAIS - Section (pg. 123) and
Section 6.2.7 (pg. 155) and Section 4.2.9 (pg. 85).


I have just seen another message that talks about Missions Ops may be
planning a completely different approach with a version 2 of their standards
including the MAL.  If so, much of the document may need some update.  That
isn't something we need to worry about now, but we may want  to talk to them
if we are still thinking of building on the MAL.


Stay safe and healthy,

May there be peace in your life,




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Dear all, 

This is auto for CESG approval. Any major comment? 

Comments due 13.4 



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