[Moims-dai] IPELTU Annex D - Checklist for Space Missions

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Sat Jun 13 19:43:59 UTC 2020

DAI team:  Here is a link to a new version of IPELTU Annex D, the Space
Mission Digital Target of Preservation Proforma (DTOPP) Checklist.  As we
discussed in the last telecon, I have given up on getting the inputs for the
last several tables, and I have condensed them to a single table with less
detail (Sec. 1.5.6).  


It's in the dropbox folder for IPELTU.  Actually, I'll attach it also, in
case some have trouble accessing dropbox.  We prefer to get
comments/redlines in the version in the dropbox, but if you can't access it,
redline this one and send back to the mail list.  


Also as we discussed in the last telecon, the numbering of the annex may be
incorrect, because since we started this, a new security section has
absconded with the Annex D placeholder.  But I thought I'd leave it and
leave the book editor to figure it out.  


Background reminder:  We envisioned several annexes with the "greater level
of detail" that was asked of us, for telling our readers more precisely what
needs to be presserved for various projects.  I had the project of "Space
Mission", meaning everything to be preserved for any space mission project.
I took the approach of providing a "checklist" for managers to use in
pre-Phase A, for as we know (1) that's when the budget is established,
including any needed budget for long-term preservation, and (2) gathering
Representation Information (metadata in the vernacular or the public) needs
to take place throughout a mission's lifetime.  Hopefully, this is conducive
to both of those objectives.  


For discussion in our next IPELTU telecon discussion, or via email, as you
may be inclined.  Feel free to embed comments/redlines in the document with
track changes on, either to this document, or saved to a dropbox file with
your initials in the filename.  


   -=- Mike


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