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Here is the massage I have been trying to send to the moms-dai list.


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Here is a message I sent on the 16th. Not sure that It made it to the list.

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> As promised, I have uploaded a strawman text to review.oais.info 
> <http://review.oais.info> to address the issue of general public v 
> Designated Community.
> Here is a copy of what I uploaded:
> General Public v Designated Community
> Many repositories have as part of their mission/mandate to serve the 
> general public. In other words, the repository must disseminate any 
> information that the Consumer is allowed to access without violating 
> any restrictions on the release of the requested information. Some 
> repositories have raised concerns about the tension between their 
> requirements to serve the general public and the OAIS requirement to 
> serve the repository’s Designated Community(ies).
> The purposes for designating these two different classes of Consumers 
> do have some overlap, but they also have some substantive differences. 
> Indicating that a repository serves the general public means that 
> anyone (with a few exceptions) can be a Consumer of the OAIS’ 
> information. Indicating that a repository serves a particular 
> Designated Community(ies) means that the members of the Designated 
> Community may access any information the OAIS holds subject to any 
> restrictions on the release of the data. NOTE: The OAIS Reference 
> Model, and this standard, do not require repositories to limit their 
> Consumers to members of their Designated Communities.
> Designated Communities serve a distinct purpose related to the Long 
> Term Preservation of the information held by the repository. Long Term 
> Preservation is, “[t]he act of maintaining information, Independently 
> Understandable by a Designated Community, and with evidence supporting 
> its Authenticity, over the Long Term.” One of the mandatory 
> responsibilities of an OAIS is to ensure that the information it holds 
> is Independently Understandable by the Designated Community. The OAIS 
> must periodically assess whether or not the information held for a 
> specific Designated Community is still Independently Understandable by 
> that Designated Community using their current Knowledge Base. If it is 
> not, the OAIS must add additional Representation Information or PDI to 
> make it so. If a repository collects information across many 
> topics/domains, it may need to have multiple Designated Communities 
> for the different topics/domains.
> Under the OAIS Reference Model, and this standard, an OAIS does not 
> have to ensure that its holdings are Independently Understandable to 
> any Consumer outside its Designated Community(ies), though it may 
> choose to try. In practical terms ensuring its holdings are and remain 
> Independently Understandable to the general public would be a nearly 
> impossible task. Consider, for example, maintaining enough 
> Representation Information and PDI to make Einstein’s Theory of 
> General Relativity Independently Understandable to a 6-year-old who 
> reads only Korean. While many repositories will say they serve the 
> general public, there are usually unwritten limits to the types of 
> services the repository provides. By contrast, an OAIS must ensure 
> that the information it provides remains Independently Understandable 
> to the relevant Designated Community through time.
> Looking forward to further discussion.
> Mark
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