[Moims-dai] Action to suggest restructuring of section 6 of OAIS

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Sun Sep 16 19:30:35 UTC 2018

I took an action to think about restructuring section 6.

It seemed to me that one could organise it by starting with an overview
which shows (1) how things fit together and (2) gives some idea about
whether we are covering all the options.

The following table is my attempt at this.

First let me try to list everything an OAIS might be, in the context of the
OAIS standard, and without getting into specific disciplines.

The bulk of OAIS is about essentially a single organisation - note that this
does not mean that the OAIS is contained in one room or one building or even
one country. It does mean that it is within a single organisation.

What else might an OAIS be? Looking at Fig 2-1 of OAIS and reading the
definitions we see that it could be a Producer or a Consumer. Although the
glossary does not say that explicitly, an OAIS could be Management - maybe
that should be clarified.

Now looking at the inside of an OAIS, in general terms, one can say that an
OAIS may be a service user or a service provider.

I hope this is exhaustive.

Then one can think of all the “combinations” - it could be an OAIS by
itself, or with one or more other OAISes and other things which are not

We can draw up the following table which tries to position the various
pieces of text which are in the updated OAIS draft in a way which I hope is
reasonably self-explanatory.


All in a single OAIS

Including other OAIS

Including non-OAIS

OAIS role ↓


Independent i.e. using information such as RepInfo which it is preserving

Collaborating archive

Independent archive


Independent i.e. creating information to be preserved

Collaborating archive

Independent archive


Independent archive



Service user

Independent i.e. using its own services to preserve

Outer OAIS

General distributed archive

Federated archives and

Archives with shared functional entities

Service provider


i.e. providing services to itself

Independent archive

Inner OAIS

If this seems reasonable then I can provide introductory text and a
reorganisation of the chapter. The question marks indicate combinations
which probably do not need any additional text - unless someone can suggest



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