[Moims-dai] Remaining SCs for OAIS

Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
Tue Mar 27 19:24:27 UTC 2018

I took a look at all of the remaining SCs for OAIS. Here are my notes:

SC 40 Bob Downs and/or Steve Hughes should suggest revised text for the

Some of the issues from today's conversation about SC 223 have implications
for SC 88. Should resolve 223 before addressing 88.

SC 198 should be deferred until SC 224 is resolved.

SC 170 may be relatively easy to resolve.

I withdrew SC 69. We're down to 36!

SC 186: I added some suggested text. However, the resolution of this SC
should be held in abeyance until we have completed the review of David's
suggested changes for Section 5.

SC 168 may be relatively easy to resolve.

SC 171 may be relatively easy to resolve.

It appears that we were waiting for additional input from Steve Hughes to
resolve SC 177.

SC 224 includes David's suggested re-write of Section 5.

Hope this is helpful,

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