[Moims-dai] Apologies for today

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Tue Mar 20 15:25:59 UTC 2018



Just rain and sleet here so far.


Discussed an overview graphic Mike is working on showing DAI docs/projects dividing them between of OAIS Processes (Framework) and OAIS – IF (Interface Framework).

               Graphic will be used as part of DAI Overview when talking with Vint Cerf.   


Also some discussion of agenda for NIST Meeting.

               Vint Cerf will meet with us Monday PM.

                              Mike to touch base with Vint

                              Steve – we’ll need DAADD overview/executive summary


               Participants should register at least 1 week before meeting.  

Non-US participants must also register with NIST in order to get access to the base.


No OAIS SCs discussed today.

               Please provide input on any open SCs.


Peace and joy,




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I am snowed in. I don't think my internet connection is up to webex. I will catch up with the comments and talk to you next week.

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