[Moims-dai] OAIS draft

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Sat Jul 15 06:55:48 UTC 2017



I’m attaching what I have as the current OAIS draft.

I think all the Suggested Changes are shown and comments indicate which ones
(about ½) are agreed.


This should include all the SC#092 changes of ‘archive’ or ‘Archive’ to
other words or cases where I thought it made sense.  As requested, I left a
number ‘archive’ in a number of places where I think it made sense such as
when discussing differences between OAIS Archives and  ‘traditional
archives’, etc.
If there are any specific places where you feel the changes are
inappropriate, let’s discuss it at an upcoming telecon.


Feel free to point out any changes that are needed.


Peace and joy,


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