[Moims-dai] OAIS Update

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Tue Jan 10 07:57:23 UTC 2017

Hi All,


I've been working on generating a draft version of the OAIS that
incorporates the updates suggested by the submitted Suggested Changes on the
review web site.  I think I've finally worked my way through and have at
least made a notation in the attached draft for each of the Suggested


Note: This is not an official draft from the Working Group.  It is simply a
tool I have created for myself to aid my review of the Suggested Changes.
Hopefully, this can be useful to other members of the DAI Working Group as
we work to update the OAIS.


I've attempted to include any text suggested by the submitter as mark up in
the draft.  I've also placed a comment to indicate which Suggested Change it
came from.  The comment starts with a single line indicating the Suggested
Change Number, the name or initials of the submitter, and the initials of
the person assigned to respond (currently almost always the default of David
Giaretta(DG)).  Eventually I suspect we will assign others.

The following lines are the type of Suggested Change (Editorial, Update to
add missing concept, Identify outdated material, etc.) and the status
(almost always Confirmed, but hopefully moving to Resolved).  Hopefully I
got these copied correctly from the Suggested Change.  Please note the
Suggested Change on the web site is the ruling value.   I've also tried to
note where the text updates came from, usually from the Submitter as
included in the  Suggested Change (sc).


In some cases, I have suggested different wording and have tried to indicate
that also.  I've also taken the liberty of temporary including some of my
comments and notes in the comment.  As time allows, I intend to add those
comments into the associated Suggested Change on the review web site.
Please understand that these are in many cases my personal initial reaction
and they in no way reflect the views of the DAI Working Group. They do
however reflect my opinion before any extensive discussion on the issue
within the group.  I reserve the option to change my opinion on further
thought and discussion.  Since I've been involved since the first planning
meeting for the original OAIS, hopefully I've also been able to provide some
history and intent in some cases.


I've also attaching a list breaking down the Suggested Changes in various
ways.  For example, how many SCs are there in each section (as identified in
the SC itself).


Peace and joy,


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