[Moims-dai] Proposal for Alternate Site Meeting of DAI WG

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Tue Mar 8 17:25:31 UTC 2016

Dear MOIMS-DAI WG members,


We are proposing that we cancel the MOIMS-DAI WG meeting sessions scheduled
for Cleveland April 4-8.

We are also proposing that a MOIMS-DAI WG meeting be scheduled for April 4
(and possibly April 5) be held at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.  


If this plan is agreeable to the MOIMS-DAI WG, we will propose this to the
MOIMS management and the CCSDS secretariat.


Please respond by 12:00 EST tomorrow if you object.  If we don't hear any
objections by then, we will request that management put this plan into
action and that they reflect this change on the CCSDS website. 


As we have been discussing at our weekly telecons over the past month,
almost all of the members of the MOIMS-DAI WG have previous travel
commitments or do not have funding to travel to Cleveland for the
face-to-face technical meeting there.  The only registered participant is
Claire Caillet/CNES (and Mario Merri/ESA + MOIMS AD checking up on us for
half a day).  


In addition, Vint Cerf, Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist
and one of the "fathers of the internet",  will be speaking at NASA Goddard
Space Flight Center on April 4.  His talk is scheduled to address data
preservation issues.  In addition, he has expressed interest in talking to
members of the MOIMS-DAI in regards to learning about our past and current
standards projects.  Previously he has CCSDS "Space Internet" efforts and
has been influential in their promotion. It seems like it would be
profitable for our group to meet with him.   As it turns out, some members
are already traveling to GSFC that week for other meetings and a core set of
MOIMS-DAI are located in near-by.  Several of these people have expressed
interest during the telecons or via email.  Details are in development, but
we expect that a meeting could be held on site at NASA/GSFC (for US Citizens
who register) and via telecon for any other interested parties.
Unfortunately, it is too late to obtain approval for foreign national access
to GSFC facilities for those dates.


A detailed agenda for the meeting will be supplied for approval later this
week if this plan  is approved.  In brief it would include something like

April 4        9:00-12:00      MOIMS-DAI project planning - OAIS & RAC 5
year reviews

status PAIS tutorial Green Book

status DEDSL Orange Book

review of agency and individual commitments/funding

                                             Discussion of current
Data/Project Lifecycle and Preservation document

                   12:00-13:00    Lunch

                   13:00-15:00    Meet w/ Vint Cerf

                                                        Present MOIMS-DAI to

                                                        Discuss his

possibilities for collaboration

possibilities for joint "marketing" of efforts

                   15:30-16:30    Attend Vint Cerf's "Digital Vellum" talk


April 5      (face-to-face possible or could be via telecon)

                                              Further feedback to Dr. Cerf
re. "Digital Vellum" talk

                                              Further discussion of future
MOIMS-DAI reviews/projects

                                              Continue editing of the
Data/Project Lifecycle and Preservation document



It is possible that I could travel to Cleveland at my own expense to report
on MOIMS-DAI WG progress at the MOIMS closing plenary on April 8.  I could
also meet that day or Thursday with any MOIMS-DAI members that still choose
to travel to Cleveland.


Again, please let me now as soon as possible, but at least by this time
tomorrow, if you have any objections to cancelling the Cleveland meetings
and having a meeting at NASA/GSFC.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,

-JOhn Garrett 




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