[Moims-dai] TR: DEPIP (Data Exchange Protocol for Interoperability and Preservation)

John Garrett garrett at his.com
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Thanks for offering us the opportunity to review this draft standard. 


I’ve started review of the DEPIP document and have included my comments
through Section 5.1 as markup of the document.  Please let me know if you
these comments are useful.  Overall it seems to be a very good document.  I
do have some slight concerns regarding some of the mappings to OAIS.
Perhaps others wouldn’t.


I have not yet  reviewed the more detailed sequence diagrams or the XML.
Those will take some time for me to complete if you feel they would be
useful.  At a very cursory level review of the sequences, I’m just wondering
about timeouts for many of the acknowledgements.  Without timeouts it seems
like many of these processes could hang.  Perhaps I can answer some of these
concerns myself as I get deeper into the standard.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,



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Dear all,


I forward an e-mail from the BnF that would like our group to provide some
remarks on their document. They already asked for a support from our group
in February but it seems the request has been lost or forgotten.


Best regards,


Claire Caillet




Centre Spatial de Toulouse

Tel.: +33 5 61 28 14 38

e-mail : claire.caillet at cnes.fr <mailto:claire.caillet at cnes.fr> 


18 Avenue Edouard Belin 

31 401 Toulouse Cedex 4




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Envoyé : mardi 3 mai 2016 18:27
À : Caillet Claire
Cc : claire.sibille at culture.gouv.fr <mailto:claire.sibille at culture.gouv.fr>
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Objet : DEPIP (Data Exchange Protocol for Interoperability and Preservation)


Dear Claire,

As a member of the French AFNOR National Commission CN46/SC04 devoted to
Information and documentation / technical interoperability, I relay a
request from the ISO/TC46/SC04 for feedback on the DEPIP standard (Data
Exchange Protocol for Interoperability and Preservation), which is currently
submitted to ISO. DEPIP is based on the French standard MEDONA (AFNOR NF
2044-22). Here is a quick abstract of DEPIP scope:

"This document gives a standardized framework for the various information
exchanges (data and its metadata) between repositories and their partners.
Interchanges between several repositories (repositories integrated in
organizations, public repositories, storage service suppliers) will also be
considered. The aim of this standard is to promote the interoperability
between the information systems of these actors and to allow for a better
harmonization of software developments."

It is currently a Community Draft submitted for review and should be
published as Draft International Standard by September of this year. Some
reviewers had already been pointing out the question of the relationship
between DEPIP and CCSDS standards, namely OAIS, on which DEPIP is based, and
PAIS, which has some concerns in common with DEPIP. Which is why TC46/SC04
would be really interested in feedback from the space data systems
community. If possible, we would like to gather remarks by mid-June to be
able to submit a revised version of the document by the end of June.

I enclose in this mail the submitted DEPIP standard as an ISO Community

All the best,

Bertrand Caron
Département Information bibliographique et numérique
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Quai François Mauriac
75706 Paris Cedex 13
01 53 79 42 23
bertrand.caron at bnf.fr <mailto:bertrand.caron at bnf.fr> 


Expositions :
La franc-maçonnerie
ie.html>  - jusqu'au 24 juillet 2016 - BnF - François-Mitterrand

Avant d'imprimer, pensez à l'environnement.

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