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Hi  David, all, 

sorry to use your private e-mail, I might not be able to join as I am part
of the Sentinel 3A Mission Control Team and we have a Launch Readiness
Review starting at 14:00 which last until 16:30. 

I have reviewed the document and found it much more consolidated and in
scope.  In case I do not manage to join you and taking into account that I
stepped in late in the definition of this document content, It would be
great if you could put an action on me stating how I could help to improve
the document further and/or what is the next steps for me. I will work on
this week (I am on night shift)! 

As a general comment, we use the following definition to Data Information
Knowledge in some EU project associated to an Earth Science Information and
Knowledge life- cycle (citation: Allen) 

Talk to you later, R 

Data, Information and Knowledge 

There are no universally agreed definitions of data, information and
knowledge as they form a continuum. The following explanations should be
seen as a guidance to understand the use of these terms in this document.
Data can be defined as concrete objective facts, measurements or
observations that need to be processed  to  generate  information.   Data
may  be  stored  and  manipulated  digitally  in  lightly structured
documentary systems and/or highly structured data systems. Data can be
defined as bits and bytes arising from an observation (non repeatable), an
experiment (repeatable) or a computer simulation (calculated). 

Information can be generated when data is categorised, analysed,
interpreted, summarised and placed in context that has structure and
meaning. Information are defined as relationship between items of data of
the form 'A is always associated with B in some way'. 

Knowledge is information equipped with a notion of truth acquired through
analysis and aggregation, to which expert opinion, skills and expertise are
added, resulting in valuable assets that aid decision making. Knowledge is
mainly unstructured and can be tacit or explicit. Knowledge arise whenever
there is an understanding of causality in relationships, e.g. 'B happens
after A because of X' - this knowledge is shared globally. 

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I forgot to add the notes about the Information Lifecycle document. 
*       Clarify the relationship of Primary Information to the OAIS term
"Content Information" 
o   Perhaps also refer to Primary Data instead of Primary Information
because data becomes information only after the additional of Representation
Information which in this document is part of the Additional Information.
Thus it allows a clearer separation of what Additional Information should
*       Add note that the reader is assumed to be familiar with OAIS 
*       Change "Information Production Project" to "Information Creation
Project" - in order to avoid confusion with OAIS "Producer" 
o   Clarify where the OAIS "Producer" role resides - may not be the actual
creator of the information. 
*       Add definition of CRIS 
*       Add examples of things that will help 
o   capture Additional Information e.g. early drafting of RIN 
o   things that "everyone knows" and therefor is not written down 
*       Rename Annexes to "Use Cases" and make it clear these will not be
*       Context Infor: add software/ code/ scripts/ designs/ quality
*       Add LTDP docs to Informational References 
ACTION: ALL: comments by Monday 15th 
From: David Giaretta [ <mailto:david at giaretta.org>
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To: 'MOIMS DAI List' <moims-dai at mailman.ccsds.org
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Subject: Notes from telecon 9th Feb 
1.       Update of on-line Strategic Plan 
*       [DLR-MOIMS-01] 653.0 Information Curation Process (Magenta Book),
actual completion dates till First Agency Review are missing. 
*       ACTION: DG to add dates 
*       [DLR-MOIMS-01] Xxx Producer Archive Interface Specification Tutorial
(Green Book), completion dates till Secretariat Document Processing are
*       DB had sent the PAIS GB to MM and TG. 
*       ACTION: DG to re-send PAIS GB 
*       [DLR-MOIMS-01] Xxx Data Entity Dictionary Specificaton Language
(DEDSL) - XML Schema (Blue Book), actual completion dates till "Internal WG
Review - Second draft circulated to WG" are missing. [MOIMS] Agreed, however
most likely this will become an OB. MM: to be done by DAI 
*       ACTION: DG to check with DB/JGG 
2.     CWE Projects behind schedule 
There are a number of projects that appear "behind schedule" in CWE. Please
fix them. They are: 
*       DAI   ACTION: DG to add dates 
*       Data Entity Dictionary Specificaton Language (DEDSL) - XML Schema 
*       Information Lifecycle and Long Term Usage 
*       Producer Archive Interface Specification Tutorial 
I hope we can resolve these tomorrow. 
3.       ISO Liaison 
ACTION: DG to confirm that JGG and DG will be liaison's with ISO TC46/SC04 
4.       e-ARK 
Earlier today I emailed a proposed response to the e-ARK project on their
ideas for an OAIS package.  Comment? 
*       ACTION: ALL to send comments on e-ARK packages by end of the week
13th Feb 2016 
*       ACTION: DG to send comment to e-ARK 
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