[Moims-dai] DRAFT report to e-ARK on IP design

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Mon Feb 8 15:26:27 UTC 2016

Dear all


I drafted the following comment on the e-Ark draft common package
specification http://www.eark-project.com/news/46-commonspecreleased 


What do you think?




Dear e-ARK


I read your deliverable "Introduction to the Common Specification for
Information Packages in the E-ARK project" version 0.13
1/file )with interest. However, I found a few points which I felt I should
comment on.


You describe, in section 1.1 "Common Specification and OAIS Information
Packages" the 3 types of Information Packages which OAIS describes. However,
you fail to describe the basic (general) definition of an Information
Package, which is shown as:



The Content Information has both the Data Object and the associated
Representation Information. Preservation Description Information as
Reference Information, Provenance Information, Context Information, Access
Rights Information and Fixity Information. As indicated in the diagram the
only required element is Packaging Information - because that allows one to
"open" the package. The AIP is specified much more definitively since all
the elements must be present.


Representation Information is further illustrated in OAIS as follows

I was surprised to note that there is no reference to Representation
Information, and little reference to Semantic (Representation) Information
and no mention of things related to "Other (Representation) Information"
such as software. There is mention of "software which has been used to
create the package" and "metadata syntax and semantics" and it seems clear
these do not refer to the Representation Information of the object of


In order to maintain the association with OAIS I would expect that the
relationship to OAIS should be made clearer, in particular showing where the
various elements of Representation Information may be found in your proposed


In a similar way I was surprised that there was no reference to all the
elements of PDI, such as Provenance Information.


Of course the SIP and DIP need only Packaging Information but the general
definition of the package must allow all of the elements, which of course
AIPs will definitely need to contain.


I look forward to your response.



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