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Hi Daniele

I can only be there Monday - I come in on Sunday but then will be catching a flight at 21:35 from Frankfurt on Monday evening.
So any way we could move ILF discussions to Monday would be appreciated.


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Subject: DAI agenda

Hi all,

Please find enclosed a first version of the agenda for the Darmstadt meeting : please tell me if this fits to your constraints.

For the telecon:
*       No telecon planned in the morning with the US (too early in the morning...): ok ?
*       Possible telecon in the morning with BnF (Bertrand and Stephane) and UK (David and Esther): Esther, David, Bertrand and Stephane please tell me when you plan to participate.
*       Telecon planned in the afternoon with US (and EU).

One slot included for PAIS GB review (if comments received by then), and DEDSL.



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