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John Garrett garrett at his.com
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Also, we should probably do some DAI management stuff on Monday while David
is there .

Probably won't require much time.

Maybe meet with Mario if that is needed.

Propose to set up some new project for review and update of OAIS and RAC
Metrics which will need to be started within the next year or so. 


Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,



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Hi Daniele


I can only be there Monday - I come in on Sunday but then will be catching a
flight at 21:35 from Frankfurt on Monday evening.

So any way we could move ILF discussions to Monday would be appreciated.




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Hi all,


Please find enclosed a first version of the agenda for the Darmstadt meeting
: please tell me if this fits to your constraints.



For the telecon:

*        No telecon planned in the morning with the US (too early in the
morning.): ok ?

*        Possible telecon in the morning with BnF (Bertrand and Stephane)
and UK (David and Esther): Esther, David, Bertrand and Stephane please tell
me when you plan to participate.

*        Telecon planned in the afternoon with US (and EU).


One slot included for PAIS GB review (if comments received by then), and








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