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Just a couple of comments: additions in RED

Section 1.1:
The purpose of this Recommended Practice is to define a framework for the information lifecycle, from the proposal to the disposition of the resulting information objects.  It will describe the stages of the information lifecycle and the objectives, high-level activities and typical deliverables of each stage. Within each stage, this recommendation will identify concerns that must be addressed in order to ensure that the information needed to preserve and utilize information objects for the long-term is collected/created at the optimal time. It will identify standards, best practices and software tools that could be applied to address these concerns.  This first Recommendation will focus on the preservation activities that should be undertaken at each stage.  Subsequent Recommendations will address additional aspects that should be addressed at each stage of the Information Lifecycle Framework.  For example, future Recommendations or issues of this first Recommendation could address Data Management Plans, Risk Management issues, etc.


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Subject: ILF Project Description material into CCSDS Magenta Book format


In accordance with another action item from the last meeting - JGG initiate a standard document. - I've moved material from the ILF document as it existed at the last meeting into the required CCSDS Magenta Book template.  I've also pulled some terminology sections from OAIS and PAIMAS into it for easy reference.  We would want to use the existing CCSDS definitions if possible.  We probably won't want to use most of them in this document, but they are there for easy reference if we start to use those terms.   We may also want to try to use LTDP terms if a CCSDS term is not already defined for a term we want to use in a specific way, e.g. Preserved Data Set Content.

This document is only a very rough start.  I expect to continue to update it following today's telecon.  But people can at least start to see what the required format is.

Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,

Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,
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