[Moims-dai] For today telecon: PAIS remaining actions

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Fri Jul 31 12:02:12 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Following Don's email (and per my action), I have  added an example of dataObjectTypeFormat and dataObjectTypeFileOccurrence in table 4-5. One question: in the case where there is a dataObjectTypeFileOccurrence, how dealing with the DataObjectTypeFormat when files constituting the Data Object have different format?

To be discussed today:
* review of Don's updates.

=> A=>(DS): add an example of Associated Descriptor Data ID.
Section 5.2: still TOPICS to be expanded. 
=> A=>(JG): complete section 5.2

*Annex in document structure to be completed:-> WG
Suggestion: "Annexes A to D contain the descriptors, SIP constraints and extract of a SIP manifest from the 4 practical use cases NASA ISEE, ESA SAFE, CNES COROT, BnF METS.

I'm not in favour of including again the PAIS descriptors in the GB. What to do with figure 7-9?
Annex B: NASA ISEE use case -> replaces annex A?
Annex D: CNES Corot
Annex E: BnF METS
Suppress annex C (Polder) and D (index)?

*TOPIC section 4.7.3: -> WG
I suggest to add a sentence such as: "each project should adopt a common policy for restricting the ID values, e.g. min one char, printable characters, pattern."

*section 7 ->JG
*some remaining comments (not a lot) -> TO BE REVIEWED today
*at the end: figure numbering (particularly section 4), and ref to figure, tables and annexes in the whole document -> DB

Talk to you in a while,


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